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 Rules & regulations

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Rules & regulations Empty
PostSubject: Rules & regulations   Rules & regulations Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 6:30 pm

everybody here is accepted as human being, no slaughter, harrassments whatever towards a person in whatever ground u think to find are allowed. No discrimination is allowed. There are no excuses for this when we catch you discriminating other people you will be banned for life time of the forum .

personal details of third persons are not to be given out in this forum or pm.
It isn't allowed to give your personal details to an already warned and banned member here.
the language of this forum is English
rude or crude language will not be accepted
on rude behaviour against members the offender will get problems with the admins
when you have a problem contact a mod or an admin
no double posting allowed: this means two posts of one person behind the other. Use the edit button if you have made a mistake,or use the qoute option to quote other people
try to keep an eye on spam. Stay with the subject of the topic. If any other subject comes up open a new topic in the right category. Try to make a normal discussion
"one liners" like "yeah", "lol" and single smilies etc. will be deleted without comment
that we have smilies on the forum doesn't mean that you can drown us with them. Topics with 10 smilies in a row will be deleted or edited by mods/admin. We understand with only one smiley what you try to tell us
chat in the topics are not allowed. To discuss things that aren't related to Arsenium use the "Chit Chat" and for chat use our chat
signatures are allowed, though they shouldn't be bigger than 450x120. Bigger or nonerelated signatures will be deleted. Also you shouldn't use more than 5 lines of text and links to commercial sites are not allowed.
avatars are allowed and dont have to be topic related. To big ones will be resized automatically.
on signatures and avatars are no 18+ contents allowed!
file sharing of mp3's is illegal and therewith strictly forbidden in this forum. If nonetheless a member posts links or mp3 downloads, the posting will be deleted and the member gets an admonishment. If he/she ignores the warning and posts a second time, the member will be banned.
before you open a new topic, check first, if there isn't already one with the same subject. That may include some looking around on the forum.
please read everything in a topic and try not to ask questions, which would be answered if you have read all postings. It can be annoying to answer the same question for the tenth time!
if you have nothing to say, don't say anything at all. As mentioned before, "one liners" will be deleted
the karma feature is not meant to punish other members or for clicking on it for fun. It is meant to evaluate the things a member writes. So don't abuse the karma but use it sensible!
It is absolutely not recommended to give away your personal data to third persons/parties!

the pm mailbox is limited to 20 messages. You will have to delete your pm's from time to time, so that you can receive new ones!

Keep in mind: You can always contact the mods or the admins when you have questions or problems with the forum, or other members. We always try to find a solution!


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Rules & regulations
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