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 Animals in Spanish

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PostSubject: Animals in Spanish   Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:41 pm

eagle- el águila (ehl-ah-g-yuu-lah)
deer- el ciervo (ehl-see-er-voh)
cat- el gato (ehl-gah-toh)
elephant- el elefante (ehl-el-eh-fahn-teh)
dog- el perro (ehl-peh-rr-oh)
bird- el pájaro (ehl-pah-ha-roh)
bear- el oso (ehl-oh-so)
fish- el pez (ehl-peh-zz)
fox- el zorro (ehl-zoh-rr-oh)
chicken- el pollo (ehl-poh-yoh)
bee- la abeja (lah-ah-be-ha)
cockroach- la cucaracha (lah-coo-cah-rr-ah-chah)
butterfly- la mariposa (lah-ma-ree-poh-sah)
Frog- la rana (lah-rr-ah-nah)
fly- la mosca (lah-moh-sk-ah)
cow- la vaca (lah-vah-kah)

Fell free to ask any questions

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PostSubject: Re: Animals in Spanish   Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:18 am

may I add a few more?

jellyfish - la medusa
kitten - el gatito
spider - la araña
starfish - la estrella de mar
donkey - el burro
wolf - el lobo
turtle - la tortuga
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Animals in Spanish
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