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Here u can learn as many languages u want xD
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 Pronunciation Guide

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PostSubject: Pronunciation Guide   Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:45 am

a- is a sharp sound as in "father"
e- as in "bet"
i- as in "machine"
o- as in "mold"
u- as in "mood"
b- as in "boy"
c- before an "e "or an "i" pronounced as "s", if not then like a c in "coat"
g- before an "i" or "e" like the "h" in "hair" otherwise like a "g" in "goat"
h- silent always
j- like the "h" in "hole"
K- c in "comb"
v- same as a light "b"

ll- like a stressed "y" in "yes"
- like ny in "canyon
ch- "ch" as in "church"
rr- trilled
ai- like "ai" as like "high"
au- like ah-oo
ei- like ay-ee
ia- like ee-yah
ie- ee-ay
oi- like oi as in "boy"
oa- like oh-ah, but should be slurred as "wah"
ua- same as "oa"
ue- like oo-ay but after "g" or "q" the u is silent
ui- oo-ay
uo- like oo-oh

stress-The stress on most words depend on the last letter in that word. It depends on which country your speaking spanish in. For example in Mexico, if it's a vowel, n, or s, the stress is on the 2ndto last syllable. Words that are not followed by these rules have an accent mark to show you the syllable stresed and stuff.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

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Pronunciation Guide
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