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 ser and estar

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PostSubject: ser and estar   ser and estar Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 12:54 am

Ok so here's the 2 main verbs in the spanish language. sunny . "Ser" and "Estar". Both of these verbs mean "to be". I know what you're thinking...what's the difference? Question ser and estar 258618 . Well "ser" means to be permanently. Lets say you were describing yourself and said, Soy alta. "ser" is used in this sentance because you are describing yourself and how you are permanently. Here are exampled of when you use ser...
1. self description (looks, personality, physical features) ex. Ella es feo rabbit cyclops
2. your name on SOME occasions ex. Soy Marisol ser and estar 341425
3. origin (where you're from) ex. Soy de Egypt farao
4. Profession (job) ex. Soy una profesora study
5. Possesion ex. El calculadora es de Elena geek
6. Day and date ex. ?Es el tres de marzo? scratch
7. Time of day ex. Son las diez menos cuarto Sleep

"estar" is the other verb meaning to be. This verb is a little different than "ser" here are the rules for "estar"
1. Position ex. El libro está debajo de la mesa. Suspect
2. Location ex. Ella está en Nueva York
3. Emotions ex. Estoy triste ser and estar 389650
4. Condition ex. Ella está enferma pale
5. -ando ex. Estoy estudiando study


yo Soy (I am)
tú eres (You are)
él/ella/usted es (he/she/ you formal is)
Nosotros(as) somos (we are)
Vosotros(as) soís (you all are) this is only used in some countries such as Spain
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes son (they masculine, they feminine, you formal plural are)

Yo estoy ( I am)
Tú estás (You are)
él/ella/usted está (he/she/ you formal is)
Nosotros(as) estamos (we are)
Vosotros (as) estáis (you all are)
Ellos/Ellas/ustedes están (they masculine, they feminine, you formal plural are)

ser and estar Dannynoriega1yt3
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ser and estar
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