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 Common Verbs

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PostSubject: Common Verbs   Common Verbs Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 5:02 am

to have - a avea
am - I have
ai - you have
are - he/she/it has
avem - we have
aveţi - you have (polite) / you all have
au - they have
to be - a fi
sunt - I am
eşti - you are
este - he/she/it is
suntem - we are
sunteţi - you are (polite) / you all are
sunt - they are

To express in past tense:

am fost (I was)
ai fost (you were)
a fost (he was)
am fost (we were)
aţi fost (you were)
au fost (they were)
to think - a gāndi
gāndesc - I think
gāndeşti - you think
gāndeşte - he/she/it thinks
gāndim - we think
gāndiţi - you think (polite) / you all think
gāndesc - they think

past tense:

am gāndit (I thought)
ai gāndit (you thought)
a gāndit (he thought)
am gāndit (we thought)
aţi gāndit (you* thought)
au gāndit (they thought)
to suppose/believe (that...) - a crede
cred - I believe
crezi - you believe
crede - he/she/it believes
credem - we believe
credeţi - you believe (polite) / you all believe
cred - they believe

past tense:

am crezut (I believed)
ai crezut (you believed)
a crezut (he believed)
am crezut (we believed)
aţi crezut (you believed)
au crezut (they believed)
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PostSubject: Re: Common Verbs   Common Verbs Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2008 8:47 pm

Thanks TBL. That's very helpful Common Verbs 132958

Common Verbs Dannynoriega1yt3
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Common Verbs
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