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Here u can learn as many languages u want xD
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 Whatupy! It's Acapella!

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PostSubject: Whatupy! It's Acapella!   Whatupy! It's Acapella! Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2008 9:20 pm

Hey yeah this is a late bio. but watevs,lol

Name: Alexandra Palumbo (but some people call me Andra or Alexa)
Age: 13
Live: America
Interests: I am obsessed with languages!! cyclops I take spanish, German, Romanian, and I'm starting Russian. I love music and I can't go anywhere without my i-touch. I also love to play sports. I play lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and I sometimes swim. I also play the violin. I love read all types of books, and I love to see movies!
Personality- I'm very spunky and fun to be around, though at times I can be random, I know how to have a good time, and im nice to everyone. I love to laugh and be around my friends. Prepare for some random posts on this forum albino
Humor- I laugh at silly-stupid things Whatupy! It's Acapella! 353518 . i alsolove funny movies. I have tons of funny movie quotes in my head. I also have tons and tons of inside jokes
Style- I love boots (uggs rain boots ect.) I also love skinny jeans and t-shirts with cute and funny things on them. I'm not to much of a prep. I love jackets and sweatshirts because there's such a variety of them, and I love perfume! I have like 10 bottles Whatupy! It's Acapella! 296341 . Um i also love scarves! They are my life! If I could be a scarf I would Whatupy! It's Acapella! 561113 .
Bad part of me- When i'm upset or sad I tend to not talk to people or hide myself away. I also like Harry Potter geek
Favorite country- America, Romania, Italy, Slovenia
Favorite Bands- The Rocket Summer, McFly, Armour for Sleep, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana
Favorite Book- Pride and Prejudice, The five people you meet in Heaven, The Historian
Favorite Song- So much love by the Rocket Summer

um.. I dont think theres anything else... santa

Whatupy! It's Acapella! Dannynoriega1yt3
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Whatupy! It's Acapella!
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